For corporative clients

Department for work with corporate clients is one of the most highly qualified managers of the Company. Clients of this department are divided from small companies to the largest financial structures and have completely different needs in the assortment and management approach. With all these tasks, this department has been successfully managing for more than 15 years, showing constant and stable growth.

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Every year more than 1000 shops open in Russia. On the retail market, new network concepts with different positioning and assortment policies are constantly appearing. And for each potential client we have an individual offer.

What is in great demand or popular. What will be in demand by the buyer tomorrow. What we can surprise and captivate every customer. All this is in the arsenal of the Company. Add to this the professional approach and management of the sales department and get a reliable partner in our person.

Additional services:

  • Individual selection of assortment
  • Training of personnel by the Company's specialists
  • Formation of individual advertising and marketing actions
  • Motivational programs for Partner employees


The restaurant market has always been a trendetter of consumer demand. He always shapes the needs and knowledge about wine or any other alcohol product. Come here to have a good time. Here, people are more inclined to try something new.

That is why our competencies in this direction of sales are increasing every year. The customer base is growing every month. Within the company, separate directions are formed, which work with the narrow specialization of each concept of the HoReCa channel.

A gourmet restaurant, a restaurant network or a budget banquet project - any client can get an optimal offer from the AST team for assortment and price.

Additional services:

  • Training of Clients Staff
  • Conducting of master classes for visitors of the Client
  • Digital-support of each client and introduction of innovative promotion programs
  • Motivational programs for the end user
  • Motivational programs for the personnel of the Client
  • Delivery of additional equipment - refrigerators and wine cabinets

Regional clients

When in Kaliningrad bartenders only wipe glasses before the start of the working day, and merchandisers fill shelves, in Vladivostok, our customers are already counting the proceeds. What do we mean by this? The fact that our alcohol is sold on the territory of the Russian Federation almost 24 hours a day, since we work in all time zones.

All major regions have their own Regional Representatives, which allows us to have constant control over sales of all distribution channels directly on the ground.

Additional services:

  • Marketing support of assortment in each region
  • Training of the staff of the Regional Office
  • Training and workshops for clients