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About AST Company

Today AST is one of the leaders of the alcoholic market. Over our history we have successfully and efficiently combined the distribution of the world's major brands such as Bacardi Rus, Brown-Forman, Diageo, Denview, Moёt Hennessy and many others with Import projects and production of our own trademarks. AST is the team! People who are building the history of the Company every day. They are responsible for our level of confidence on the market that remains stable for more than 25 years.

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  • Distributor of international brands No. 1 in Russia.
  • The flagship of the five largest importers of the alcohol industry.
  • AST occupies 80% of the distribution market. The share of the import market is 15-20%.
  • The most complete portfolio of premium brands.
  • The best technical importer for distributors.
  • The qualitative portfolio of private labels.
  • Variability of the range in the main price categories (Premium, Private labels, Mass market).
  • Financially stable, higly rated by credit institutions.
  • An example of law abidance and financial transparency.


  • We work on the Russian market of wines ans spirits to make icon brands from all over the world available for you. We build the trust of our customers "tomorrow" by continuous development of our expertise "today".
  • Our company is open for a new partnership.

Values of the Company

  • A team of successful people, creative professionals, and sure winners. Our corporate culture is based on very simple and traditional values: entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust and professional ethics.
  • Our aim is permanent development and long-term profit earning.
  • We respect the law and we are in the legal framework.
  • The transparency of our work provides partners with simplicity and safety of the business. We are responsible for the origin of the product.