Dear partners and friends

2020 turned out to be one of the most difficult years so far both in the history of the XXI century and in the life of AST. Like everyone else, we were not prepared for the challenges of the pandemic. Nevertheless, in almost thirty years of work, we have managed to create a company with an outstanding stability. All AST divisions, united by a common desire to maintain valuable partnerships, to support clients and friends in difficult times, did not stop working for a single day. As in all previous years, we continued to bring high-quality wines and spirits to Russia from all over the world and deliver to our regular and new customers. Retailers, restaurants, bars, hotels, wine shops, corporate clients received their orders prompt and on time.

No matter how hard it was at certain moments, we managed to resist to all challenges and only became stronger. Moreover, in these difficult times, we managed not only to preserve our achievements, but also to increase them: AST portfolio was updated with new developing brands, became even more interesting. New outstanding wineries, champagne houses and distilleries completed it. In current difficult conditions, we are developing and diversifying, responding to the most trending market demands. This 2021 promises to be interesting and successful for us. We are confident that it will open up new horizons and bring new opportunities for us and our partners.


Leonid S. Rafailov