Dear friends!

Seems it was not very long ago but 30 years have passed since April 1992 when the story of AST as wine and spirits importer has begun with opening of our first store on Vasilievskaya street, not far from Tverskaya and Garden Ring. Then we realized staying in retail only would be limiting for us as the demand for fine wines and spirits was growing in Russia. We felt the aspiration to offer the best on the growing market and went wholesale. The first contract with Dovgan vodka happened shortly thanks to tenacity and flexibility of AST owners, we signed up new distribution partners and new import contracts followed.

Our company is constantly growing considerably responding to client requests and market trends, not being afraid of testing new categories and consistently expanding our portfolio. All brands within our vast range are chosen according to the highest quality level, every year we add new stars- wineries, champagne houses and distilleries. During all these 30 years the position of the company has been stable on the market and we’ve been loyal to our partners, both our suppliers and clients. We are happy consider many of them friends after all this time. We appreciate the trust of our colleagues and we always did and will do our best to maintain it. Our strategy is to always aim for best solutions and keep our corporate traditions. I strongly believe that the future will offer perfect opportunities for us and our partners and we’ll face many fruitful years and wonderful discoveries.

Thank you for being with us for 30 years!

Rafailov Leonid