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Main office

Moscow, Russia, 117461, Kakhovka street, 23

Zyuzino 1 min.


General Director

Rafailov Leonid Solomonovich


Commercial Director

Mardahaev Bahtiyar Hanukaevich

Deputy General Director

Mardahaev Zarahiya Shamailovich

Commercial Department:

Director of Sales

Tamara Grigorova (ext. 1414)

Head of HoReCa Department

Kaziev Akshin (ext. 5002)

Head of Off-trade Retail Department

Zapolskiy Dmitriy (ext. 4188)

Head of Corporate Sales Department

Ongemah Dariya (ext. 4128)

Head of Private Sales Department

Kuznetsova Elena (ext. 3501)

Head of Moscow-Chains Department

Nekrasov Denis (ext. 3110)

Head of Merchandising Department

Klyukin Andrey (ext. 3153)

Head of HoReCa Chains Department

Dmitrieva Ekaterina (ext. 5201)

Head of Boutiques Division

Alyamkina Marina (ext. 5601)

Import Department:

Director of Import

Olga Chuyko (ext. 1606)

USAIS Department:

Head of Certification Group

Makarova Svetlana (ext. 4570)

Head of USAIS Group

Zlobina Tatyana (ext. 4271)

USAIS Group Analyst

Konova Anna (ext. 2211)

USAIS and Certification Department telephone number

+7 (495) 411-53-40, ext. 4294

Head of Reference Data Department

Storozhuk Oksana (ext. 4516)

Reference Data Department telephone number

+7 (495) 411-53-40, ext. 4516

Product Marketing:

Head of Department

Nesmeyanov Alexey (ext. 1501)

Trade & Operating Marketing:

Head of Department

Lenskaya Anastasiya (ext. 3401)

Education Center:

Head of Education Center

Subbotina Anzhelika (ext. 1531)

Head of Training Department

Bolshakov Alexey (ext. 1530)


Regional Sales Director

Dembitsky Igor (ext. 3601)